About Petrobras
Petrobras is an integrated energy company that explores, produces, refines, markets and transports petroleum and its by-products worldwide. It is Brazil's largest industrial corporation.
To integrate data from the diverse information systems used by the Petrobras Supply Division. To make information available quickly and simply, without sacrificing quality.
Simple and unified instant access to information from various systems and databases.
One click access to corporate information, including:
Correlations between data in former applications and in new SAP system.
Abbreviations and acronyms used in Petrobras.
Petrobras employee contact details.

Information from corporate systems easily converted to Babylon-Enterprise format. Updated regularly and automatically.
Increased employee productivity by saving the time previously spent accessing various information systems.
Facilitated the transition to new SAP R/3 system and terminology by Petrobras employees. Babylon-Enterprise Simplifies Business Transformation Project at Petrobras.
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