Get the most out of the enterprise information systems already in place.
Your organization has invested in infrastructure, information applications and training for users. But the amount of data in enterprise systems can be overwhelming and processes for accessing information confusing. Employees cannot always access data as quickly as they need it and are often reluctant to interrupt their workflow. Navigating information systems often requires effort and skill.
Babylon-Enterprise makes accessing corporate information easy and effortless. Users can instantly access data from corporate applications and other sources. Babylon-Enterprise is simple to integrate and improves productivity in any IT environment.
Improve productivity, information flow and business processes.
Put Babylon-Enterprise to work in your organization.
Babylon-Enterprise gives users one-click access to enterprise information from ERP, CRM, HRM and other enterprise information systems. With a second click, users can immediately drill-down to the data in its source application. Babylon-Enterprise users spend less time looking for information and make greater use of existing enterprise information systems, giving businesses a strong return on the costs and efforts already invested in information systems. Babylon-Enterprise works within any Windows application, and enables both online and offline access to information in a single click.
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