The simple yet powerful one-click activation method is quickly adopted by users. Even novices use Babylon-Enterprise effectively within minutes of introduction.
Immediate Response
Babylon-Enterprise delivers information instantly. Users rarely wait for results, even when queries are submitted to very large databases or over a network.
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Always Available
Babylon-Enterprise is always available yet never obtrusive. Operating seamlessly on top of any Windows application, it does not divert the user's focus or interrupt workflow and allows access to information both online and offline.
Uniform Activation
The single-click mechanism is a gateway to all information sources. Users do not need to guess or decide where to look for information and do not waste time performing tedious cycles of launch-login-navigate-search in various corporate information systems.
Unified Display of All Information
Babylon-Enterprise presents all results clearly and consistently in a single window. Even when information comes from very different sources, such as an ERP system or a customer database, users can quickly scan the results and find the needed information.
Concise Results
Babylon-Enterprise enables delivery of concise results. Users are not overwhelmed or confused by too much information, or bewildered by an array of options in every result.
Works Online and Offline
Babylon-Enterprise provides access to information in both online and offline work environments, fully supporting the needs of the company's mobile force.
Secure Access to Sensitive Information
Glossaries containing confidential corporate information can be restricted to authorized users, based on user and group identities already defined in the organization's system.
With only one platform used for all types of information content, Babylon-Enterprise can be extended with new content at any time. Powerful development tools and automatic deployment capabilities minimize the need for system administration efforts and support.
Straightforward Implementation
Babylon-Enterprise enables easy deployment and implementation in any IT environment, and requires no changes to existing systems or infrastructure. With little effort Babylon-Enterprise becomes an integral part of the work environment. Organizations can begin to see a return on their investment almost immediately.
Instant Navigation
Results may include a link that activates the data source application and displays the information in its original context. A simple second click can take users directly into the corporate information systems, reducing search time and increasing utilization of these systems.