Get the most out of the enterprise information systems already in place.
Babylon-Enterprise client and server components are tightly integrated to instantly deliver information from enterprise applications to users' desktops. The Babylon-Enterprise desktop client provides the interface for accessing information sources and displaying results. The client works on top of all Windows applications.
When the user clicks on any term in any Windows application,
Babylon-Enterprise instantly displays relevant and concise information.
The Babylon-Enterprise client uses sophisticated algorithms for identifying the text clicked on by the user. Babylon scans the surrounding characters and words to determine the context, and displays only the most relevant results. In addition, Babylon's powerful morphology engine identifies words regardless of inflections.
Babylon-Enterprise tools extract vital enterprise information from the company's information systems and business applications, create a snapshot of the data, and convert it into a glossary for delivery through Babylon-Enterprise. The information glossaries can reside on the application server or be distributed silently to desktops for offline use. The Babylon-Enterprise server provides central administration of glossaries and desktop clients, and enables secure, role-based access to restricted information.
Babylon-Enterprise Extracts and Delivers the Most Frequently Needed Data from Your Business Information Systems

Automatically Generate Your Own Business Glossary
Use Babylon-Enterprise to create business glossaries and deliver corporate terminology definitions and information. You select the most used fields in your ERP, CRM and HRM and other enterprise applications. Babyon-Enterprise automatically extracts and delivers the data:

Product Info: serial numbers, product names, descriptions, inventory balance, and other information from ERP systems.
Vendor Info: product names and serial numbers, supplier contact details, order status, and other information from ERPsystems.
Customer Info: contact details, previous orders, maintenance status, and other information from CRM systems.
Employee Info: name, title, department, contact details, photo, and other information from HRM systems/ corporate directory.
Corporate Terminology: frequently used abbreviations, names and aliases of projects and products.
Document Metadata: document name, type, author, subject, and link to document manage ment system.
Give Employees One-Click Access to Enterprise Information
With Babylon-Enterprise, your employees get instant access to information that was previously unavailable, or available only through complex applications requiring login, system familiarity, and knowing where to look.
Once a corporate glossary is configured and deployed, the information is instantly accessible to all authorized users in the organization. Users get immediate results in just one click on any term in an email, a web page, an intranet page, a Word document, a PDF file, or any Windows application.
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Babylon-Enterprise administrator tools serve to maximize deployment and minimize maintenance.